2012 - Japan - Wireless - Tamper proofing conditions for wireless devices

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2012 - Japan - Wireless - Tamper proofing conditions for wireless devices

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:44 pm

A wireless device sold on the Japanese market must be tamper-proof to protect the radio circuitry against modifications.
The end-user should not have access to the main radio circuitry components such as the radio chipset, PAs, main radio oscillator or XTAL, memory device storing the IOS, Etc.
Methods generally accepted are:
- Tamper screws locking the casing shells (verify with the CAB the type of tamper screws they accept)
- Glued or welded casing shells
- Metal shield soldered over the main radio circuits (generally for a card.)

Now, some CABs may also accept other methods, such as guaranteeing that the device will be destroyed by any attempt to tamper with its RF circuitry, using radio chips without accessible pins, highly integrating the radio circuit so it becomes almost impossible to access or distinguish the different pins on the printed circuit or components.
Whether the CAB will accept a tamper method or not should always be verified with the CAB prior to submit the application.

Feel free to contact us for more information !


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