2012 - Japan - Wired & Wireless - Revision of certification labeling 

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2012 - Japan - Wired & Wireless - Revision of certification labeling 

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(This document is specific to type-approvals. For other categories of certifications, such as single unit certification or self declaration, please contact us.)

Reason of the revision: due to the increasing miniaturization and integration of radio devices, a simplification of the label markings was required.

Adopted New Measures:
1 Simplification of the Certification number
This is a label space saving measure.

Old Scheme: 001WWnnnnnnnnnn
001: Code of the CAB (001: TELEC, 003: DSPR, Etc.)
WW: Category of specified radio device
nn...:Number attributed by the CAB (< 10digits)

New Scheme: 001-nnnnnn
001: Code of the CAB (001: TELEC, 003: DSPR, Etc.)
nn...:Number attributed by the CAB (< 6digits)

2 Use of electronic label
Applies to small devices which may not have the required space for a physical label.
Old Scheme: certification label has to be affixed on the radio device on a location it can easily be seen.
New Scheme: certification label can be shown on the screen of the radio device.

3 Grouping of certification numbers
Applies to a device with multiple radios and certificates.
Old Scheme: several certifications led to several numbers to be displayed on the label
New Scheme: several certifications can be grouped in an unique number.

Where the old scheme required 3 certification numbers 001AB123456, 001BC123456, 001CD123456 they can now be grouped in 001-123456

Please note that in addition to the certification number, the circular MPT mark and the [R] still have to be shown on the label.

For more information, consult the following URL (Japanese Only) or contact us !


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