Wired/Wireless : Module Certification in Japan

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Wired/Wireless : Module Certification in Japan

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:25 pm

Reminder about Independent of Host (IOH) certification in Japan

1 - The module must carry all telecommunication components and functions onboard
This is to guarantee that whatever compatible host or computer it is installed onto, its compliancy will not be altered.

2 - The module must remain easy to install and remove at any time
A typical example is a PCMCIA card, compatible with any computer running a commercial OS. Please note that securing the module to its host by using permanent means, including but not limited to: tamper screws, (Torx-type included) glue, solder, Etc, voids its certification, and the whole system has to be re-certified.
3 - The module must carry its own certification label
If the label cannot be seen when installed in its host, the certification information has to be included in the support documents for a wired device. It is also recommended to label the host with the certification information of the module it contains, without suggesting that the host itself is certified.

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