2012 - Japan - Wireless - Certification of a device with multiple radios

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2012 - Japan - Wireless - Certification of a device with multiple radios

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:06 pm

In the Japanese radio law, and except for MIMO-type devices transmitting on several spatial streams, it is not allowed for 1 device to transmit simultaneously to several devices in the same radio category.

Therefore, the particular products below have to be handled carefully

Examples:- A router with 2.4GHz WLAN and Bluetooth
- A deskphone with several Bluetooh radios (one for a headset, and the other one for a mobile phone)

(Please note that this restriction do not apply if the radios belong to different categories)

The Radio law does not clearly defines the rules for such devices. Therefore, the way these products can be certified will vary on the CAB (Certification Accredited Body) rules.

Based on our experience, some CABs will require the product to restricts its transmission so that only one radio can be active at a time, and won't allow simultaneous transmission. In this case, one certificate will cover the device with its 2 radios, and one certification label will be issued.
Pros: only 1 certification process to cover the product.
Cons: the 2 radios cannot transmit simultaneously

Now, some other CABs will allow simultaneous transmission without any restriction, but will require the product to be certified twice, once per radio circuit it carries. 2 certificates will be issued for the same product, and it will carry 2 certification labels.
Pros: the 2 radios can transmit simultaneously without restriction
Cons: 2 certification processes to cover the product, 2 labels, and certification process fee doubled.

It seems however interesting that the way CABs decide to handle ambiguous products give the applicant the choice in the way hes wants his product certified. There is never only one solution.

Feel free to contact us for more information !


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